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Welcome to the website Tramping and Climbing in Aotearoa

What this blog is about

This website aims to be a resource for anyone interested in tramping and climbing in New Zealand. The following topics are covered:

Peaks and Valleys    

Contains historical information and route descriptions for New Zealand’s backcountry. Mountaineering and tramping routes are both included.

Huts and Bivs           

Information on huts and rock bivs in New Zealand’s backcountry.


Tramping and mountaineering guidebooks, mountain literature, books about the history of New Zealand’s exploration, journals.


We really want to protect our backcountry from greedy development and over-use or abuse from commercial operators!


Anything that’s going to make a tramper’s or climber’s life easier. Commercial ads however are NOT allowed.


Rules for posts and comments

You are most welcome to comment on any blog entry. If you have been approved as an author, you may publish your own posts. The following rules however apply:

  • You shall always submit a complete name and an e-mail address. This is a forum for an outdoor community, not for web geeks. Please always provide your full name and surname. Comments signed with pseudonyms or web-nicknames will be DELETED. 
  • You shall not use this forum for personal attacks. Some topics may well be controversial. Everyone is entitled to their opinions, and no matter what one’s point of view is, it will be accepted. However, posts should be factual and contain valid arguments, not names or angry tirades. The Administrator will be a ruthless censor, and delete any posts that are considered inappropriate.
  • You shall only provide route descriptions for trips that you have completed yourself. Please remember to always indicate a date (month/year). Please do NOT post route descriptions based on third parties accounts, or worse, plagiarism of guidebooks.


Rating of tramping and climbing routes

The following system is used to rate the nature and the difficulty of tramping and mountaineering routes:

Tramping Track (Easy/Moderate/Hard)     

Any ground trail that was formed and is maintained by humans

Tramping Route (Easy/Moderate/Hard)

Any route without a well-formed ground trail that is marked, by means of old permolat markers (e.g. old track that is no longer maintained), blazes, cairns, poles, etc.

Tramping off track (Easy/Moderate/Hard)

Any route that does not follow an established ground trail, and is not marked

The choice of the additional descriptor easy/moderate/hard is always at the entire discretion and subjective opinion of the posts’ author

Alpine (Grade 1 to 7)

Any trip that requires mountaineering skills. The technical rating is according to the Mt Cook scale.

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